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Meet Julian Andres Acosta Pacheco (J.A.A.P)


Julian Andres Acosta PachecoToday we sit down for a “minute” with Miami artist Julian Andres Acosta Pacheco.  Thank you for opening your door to us Julian.  Please visit Julian at his next show, and especially follow his creative genius via his Facebook page and/or his Website.


Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Julian…

Q: How did you get started as an artist?

A: From an early age I loved to draw and paint. Art was the one subject that kept me motivated and in school. I studied with Robert Thiele, Salvatore La Rosa and Jon Kitner. Being an artist is the one thing that truly defines me.


Q: How does your environment (Studio,Home,City) affect your art/ your style?

A: I think light and surrounding geology affects what our art looks like in terms of temperament and color. I don’t think many artists are consciously aware of this.  It was pointed out to me more and more as my work reached other geographies and audiences. With that said, in terms of style, I’m not so sure where I create affects my artistic sensibilities, likes and dislikes.


Q: What materials do you work with when creating your art?

A: I’m obsessed with incorporating a variety of textures in my work. Materials of choice are canvas, wood and metal. Lately I’ve been incorporating photo prints and canvas paper into my three dimensional pieces. I use as little acrylic paint as possible – I like the depth, richness and texture of oil paint. You’ll find most of my work is done with oil paint.


Q: How has your style developed since you began creating?

A: I went through typical art student stages early on when I was still trying to find my voice. I did the photo realistic drawings and paintings and moved into more abstract expressionistic work and lately what I refer to as my neo-constructivism stage. Now I’m much more driven by work that’s significant to me; work that’s inspired by history, my thoughts, fears and the things that I get temporarily obsessed with. I love reading and I listen to a lot of music (all kinds of music) – Ideas for new work can come from anywhere.


Q: What are you currently working on, and what is the theme/message behind it?

A: I’m working on a series of three dimensional pieces where I’m appropriating the work of famous artists and blending in my own messaging. One piece I just completed is titled “ Visuomotor processing and procedural memory: Picasso hates me”.


Q: What was the response to, and can you talk about, your recent exhibit/show/event?

A:I just completed a show in NYC: “Miami” at Gallery Onetwentyeight. The show featured the work of two other Miami artists: Andrew Ringler and Kareem Piper. The gallery, opened in 1986, is the longest running gallery in the Lower East Side. Kazuko Miyamoto is the gallery owner and director. The gallery shows solo and group exhibitions by emerging and established artists from NYC and the US, as well as international artists. I was so proud of that show – The gallery’s history is impressive. It hosted legendary artists Sol LeWitt, Kazuko Miyamoto and Jean-Michel Basquiat in the inaugural exhibition back in the 80s. The response was great – it was a great team to work with.


Q: Where is your local art scene?  How has creating in that environment influenced your style?

A: I would say Miami but I like to think I’m not part of an art scene. I associate “art scenes” with people thirsty for attention and fame. Fame is a tricky thing – the more you chase it, the more elusive it becomes. I tend to keep to myself and do my work. I don’t attend a lot of openings or events; I attend the shows that interest me but not necessarily during openings. I think I suffer from social anxiety.


Q: What do you hope that the audience takes away from their time spent viewing your art?  What do you fear might be something the audience might not understand about your work?

A: I would like to think my work draws people in and makes them think. I hope they understand just how personal and telling the work is.


Q: Where can people see your work currently? (Website, Gallery, Studio, etc)

A: I have three pieces never exhibited before that will be on display at Geno’s Art Gallery and Studio in Doral, Florida. The opening reception is scheduled for April 26th from 7:00 p.m. until midnight.