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Checking In: “Forever Young” @ArtNowNY


We were so excited to learn of Tracy Piper’s solo show at ArtNowNY in beautiful NYC, we wanted to check in with Tracy and see how the show is going.  From the extravaganza that was opening night, there is no doubt this show is going to be on the minds and in the hearts of New Yorkers for a very long time.  Opening night was a quintessential feast for all the senses.  The gallery was vibrant with a glow unlike any we’ve seen in a long time.  The incredible colors burst from Piper’s canvases and filled the room with what I can only describe as a Orange Dreamsicle like glow, and the fresh feeling mixed with the fun vibes to make everyone in attendance in a very happy mood.  Take away all of that, and the artist herself stole the show in her own Minnie Mouse inspired ensemble that was quirky, fun, and ravishing.  Piper knows her audience, and she is albeit literally one with her work, embodying the very fun and funky nature of her subjects, effects and her cray cray  palette that would make any Crayola box blush with excitement.

Enough of what we thought though….here’s the artist’s take on how the show is going and what you might have missed at the opening.

Let’s check in with Tracy Piper …

Articentric:  How was opening night?  What were the top 3 memories you have of the evening, or perhaps one very special one?
Tracy Piper:  The opening of Forever Young was phenomenal. ArtNowNY did a great job of hanging the work and the evening was packed full of fans new and old. I would say overall the most precious memories was crossing paths with a multitude of people from all walks of life really vibrating with the work. Watching people interact with the paintings and take pictures with them was so fun! I’ve seen some clever postings on instagram that are making me laugh still.
It was also an honor to have Alison Mosshart’s opening of her solo show right next to mine at Joseph Gross Gallery. It’s so refreshing to see some real feminine power in the contemporary art scene.

Articentric:  What is most exciting to you about hanging at ArtNowNY?  What was one of your fears going into this show that turned out to be nothing to be afraid of?
Piper:  ArtNowNY in it’s own right is a force to be reckoned with. They have been blowing up the contemporary art scene and curate some of the most intelligent, interesting and hardworking contemporary artists. The crew has been instrumental in my career so far and this felt like a culmination of something we have all been working towards.
In terms of fears I think we all have those little nagging voices, what if the work isn’t good enough or what if it’s actually terrible… I shipped everything weeks before the show so I spent some time waffling, but once I walked into the gallery and was re-united with those paintings I knew that all that back and forth in my head was nothing but smoke. I am really proud of what I created for Forever Young, and seeing the reactions from the audience really solidified that my message was coming through.

Articentric: What do you want to tell your audience that might be unable to make the show, or perhaps are planning to make it out at some point before the show closes?
Piper:  Go buy a whole bunch of it. Hahahah! No no no, but seriously, if you get a chance to see these babes in person they are a whole new experience. They look fine online but these pieces are BIG and standing next to one is the most magical feeling in the world. Can’t get that feeling on instagram.

Articentric:  What are the gallery hours to be able to visit your work?  Will you be in attendance any other nights while the show is open?  How can patrons of the gallery reach out to you, or perhaps get the chance to meet you in person?
Piper:  The Gallery Hours are Tuesday-Saturday 11-6 and Thursdays 11-9, 548 West 28th Street, 2nd Floor, NY
Holler at my girl Neener, she is the best, if you bring her treats she might even give you a deal on a painting (shhhhhh…. don’t tell anyone!).
I am back in SF so unfortunately if you missed the opening you missed me. If you are looking to catch me I post about upcoming shows on my Facebook Fan Page (www.facebook.com/thetracypiper) and love meeting new people!
Otherwise you can get your Tracy Piper fix here:
Instagram: @thetracypiper
Twitter: @thetracypiper

Articentric:  Besides one or more of your sold pieces, what are you hoping the audience takes away from this show?

Piper:  Of all the things I sincerely hope my audience walks out with a big smile on their faces. Enjoy the paintings world!