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Meet Artist Christopher Aaron…


San-Diego-Artist-Christopher-Aaron-Abstract-Art“Christopher Aaron is crazy!”  (Maybe, but aren’t we all) …

“He’s a dreamer!”  (Definitley, and Dream BIG he does!) …

“His work will never make it past the doorway of his studio!”… WRONG!

Undoubtedly, some gauche, art critic at one time or another thought those same things to him or herself about what they saw when experiencing one of Christopher Aaron’s breathtaking works of Abstract Art.  Christopher Aaron, through his passion for abstract art and his remarkable work ethic, has put all doubts to rest.

Southern California’s own Christopher Aaron brings the hues and textures of today’s bold new concrete metropolis’ into the warm, luxurious spaces his collectors inhabit all across the world.  Christopher Aaron IS a dreamer, is a visionary, and we’re all a little crazy, it keeps us from becoming boring.  See, Christopher Aaron doesn’t stop at a simple color field masterpiece; he doesn’t stop after masterfully blending bold contrasts of grays together; he doesn’t stop after taking his palette knife and creating stark textures within his layers of paint.  Christopher Aaron combines a multitude of textures, mediums, and color palettes to create what we here can only describe as “Urbexture”.

How would we describe “Urbexture”?…try to imagine…you’re in any major city in the world, and you happen upon an older section of town.  The buildings are a bit weathered, time and mother nature have taken their toll on what appear to have been once lavishly adorned concrete surfaces.  Hints of vibrant colors emerge across hard cracks and through the rough granite underbelly that has resurfaced through years of erosion.  Now imagine that texture, that vibrant decay, reimagined onto canvas.  You may then have perhaps a glimpse of an idea of what Christopher Aaron’s masterpieces really are.  But once you see them, once you stand before their size, and distinguished presence, you still cannot fully appreciate their beauty.  Here at Articentric, Abstract Art is one of our favorite genres of art, and Christopher Aaron is one of it’s masters.

Articentric caught up with Christopher in his San Diego art studio, to allow our readers to get to know a little more about him, his art, his environment, etc.  So…without further Adieu, Ladies and Gentlemen:

Meet artist Christopher Aaron…

Articentric: Thank you for taking the time to meet you Christopher. If you would, talk a little bit about how you came to realize your talent, and how you decided to make it a profession.

Christopher Aaron: I’ve always done art in one way or another. Whether it was graphic design, fonts, graffiti, music, interior design, whatever. I’ve alway had a definite need to express myself through art. I had started painting because I wanted some cool pieces for my own place and then someone asked me who did the work. This person happened to be Andre Power, the co-founder and Art Director of Soulection, which is a record label, radio show and niche collective of creative music makers worldwide. He was curating a group art show and asked me to be in it. I had no idea that it would turn into what it has.

Articentric:  You’re originally from Los Angeles, but now reside in San Diego.  How would you describe the art community in San Diego?  Have you been to, or shown in other areas and would you talk about the differences of those communities?

Aaron: San Diego has a really cool art community. There are many really great artists that just want to create for the love of it. For a while there, you could go to an art show with live painting and great music every night of the week. Most of the artists in SD are more figurative or “street” than I am, but there are a ton of students and young people that just love to do art. That being said, it’s not a great city for Modern Abstract Art. I was raised going to art shows and festivals, as well as concerts and plays, so it’s definitely a part of me, and I’m excited to start showing in some great galleries around the country.

San Diego Artist-Christopher Aaron-Abstract Art1

Articentric: I think you’re use of texture and the entire soul of your palette is absolutely stunning.  Talk a bit about your process.  What inspires your pieces, what goes into the preparation?  Do you let the piece develop as you go? Do you start with an idea and build on it?

Aaron: Thank you! As I said before, as a teen I would see a lot of amazing art. My parents had some crazy abstract art and sculpture in our home. But I also grew up in a time and place where graffiti was a huge influence. On my drive to school I would see beautiful pieces along the streets and freeways. I was in awe of the colors and textures. I had to do it. But when I started to paint on canvas, I didn’t see any reason to try and duplicate what I and others had done in the streets. It was a different experience for me. Now I paint to BE painting, not FOR the painting. It’s about the experience, not the final result. When you aren’t “trying” to paint “something” you go through a whole process of learning, doubt, acceptance, and finality. You are using techniques and abilities, to express yourself, without showing your techniques and abilities. It’s like using meditation to get to absolute “nothingness”. You are letting whatever is inside of “yourself”, express itself, and trying not to get in the way. All of my influences will, of course, show themselves because that’s who I am, a product of my environment. My paintings are just an expression of that environment without being obvious.

Articentric:  Give us a mental tour of your creative environment.  Do you work out of a studio?  If we were to tour your space, what should we take note of, what might amaze us, what is your favorite part of your space?

Aaron: My soon to be wife is an award winning Architect and she designed our home. It’s an incredible modern with amazing lines and space. (She is also a very talented painter!!!) So if I can paint something that will look nice at home, then it will work in any space. I hang stuff all over the house to see how it works in different spaces. It doesn’t hurt that I get to see new projects that she is working on and it gets me excited to create for new spaces.

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Articentric: Is there one artist/creative talent present or past, that you would love to spend a day with in their studio?  Who and Why? What would you talk about?

Aaron: Gerhard Richter or Jackson Pollock. I would talk to Gerhard about philosophy and art. I think he experiences it in a similar way. With Jackson Pollock… well, we’d probably just get drunk and paint.

Articentric: What is the best way to follow along with your career and find out where you will be exhibiting next (Website, Facebook, etc.)

San Diego Artist-Christopher Aaron-Abstract Art