Home Spotlight On Art “Indian Yellow” by Lori Betz

“Indian Yellow” by Lori Betz


  Imagine if you will, the most serene landscape, engulfing all of your senses.  Feel the warmth of the sun, radiating from the earth and sky around you.  Taste the sand and the hot air as it dances on your lips and gently crunches between your teeth. See the radiant beauty of the earthen landscape laid out before you, the mirage of a reflecting pool between you and the horizon, capturing the scorched red earth and the charred brown hills in the distance. Hear the rush of the desert wind in your ears, the squak of a buzzard flying high above you, the gentle whistle of the breeze through the brush at your feet.  You are inside, inside the beauty that is “Indian Yellow“…at least that’s what we experience when we fix our eyes upon this fantastic abstract work from the incredible creative genius of Lori Betz.

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