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Meet Photographer Anthony Jordon

Existence in and around the Miami art scene is in many cases fleeting.  Artists either come to Miami with bold dreams of making it big in a very affluent and aesthetic environment, or they grow into their craft from having been raised up in the very bold, colorful, and exuberant environment.  Enter Anthony Jordon, or as many people in the instaverse know him…@AntJPhotog.  Jordon personifies the vibrancy and heartbeat of the creativity that is rooted in the soul of the city.  Miami is a melting pot of cultures, economies, and creativity.  Many people stop at just being satisfied with contributing their creativity to the scene.
       Jordon makes it a point to capture the essence of the city and effectively inject it into his work.  His vista’s are what I like to consider what your soul remembers from your time spent in and around the city.  Your eyes can remember things, and your imaginations can conjure up some very elaborate memories of the magic city, but your soul will always remember how you felt;  How you felt watching that sunset light up the western sky; How the buildings woke up with you in the morning, reflecting the vibrant character of the day ahead.  Jordon’s artistic photography captures those very emotions.  To top it all off, he’s a jet-setting private photographer as well, taking assignments in almost every corner of the globe.  Jordon captures his client’s most precious moments infusing them with his eye for the unique, and his seemingly unlimited imagination.  So…without further adieu, please….

Meet Anthony Jordon, Jr.

Articentric: How did you get introduced to art and decide to pursue it as a career?

Anthony Jordon: so I remember from my earliest childhood that I used to love to draw.  I was a musician from elementary school through college, and I had always had a fondness of taking photographs even at a much younger age.  I guess my inner artist was already budding by trying out various outlets of creativity.  I began unconsciously developing my photography about  7 years ago.  I started shooting events for a major publication in Miami and from that, more opportunities presented themselves to me to get out and see more.  I was able to partake in unique events and network throughout Miami’s scene, eventually diving head first into the world of art, towards which I was now fully attracted.  From there I meet more creative spirits, got to know many local supporters of art, keeping me constantly involved in the art of photography that I now fully enjoy.


Articentric: How does your environment (Event,Street,Product) affect your art / your style?

Jordon: I used to always say that I wanted to see and show the world to everyone.  I can’t say that there is one thing in my environment that affects my style.  If I had to define my still, I’d have to say it’s constantly observant.  I’m always looking around and processing “I wonder what that would look like for xyz angle” or “How could I photograph that to make it look unique?”  I’m always thinking details, elements of my environment and then when I don’t see details that inspire me, I focus on the big picture, the full scene/composition of my environment, and start the mental questioning all over again.

Articentric: What materials do you work with when creating your art? Do you always use the same camera, do you mix it up at all?  Do you have a preference in brand(Nikon, Canon, etc.)?

Jordon: I used to be a die hard Nikon fan, then I started playing with Canon.  Both brands (specifically referencing DSLRs) have their advantages, depending on the models you shoot with.  I also love shooting with my phone and tablet because these two devices challenge me more creatively since they don’t have all of the settings available to me like on my DSLRs.  Also their ability to use various apps to add creative elements, as well as the ability to almost instantly share with virtually any audience is a major advantage for me over my DSLRs.



Articentric: In what ways has your style developed since you began creating?

Jordon: I can honestly say that I have truly noticed a transition from when I started shooting 7 years ago to now.  First I’m no longer using AUTO on my camera .  Secondly, I’m not thinking AS MUCH as I used to about shooting and getting the perfect shot.  I’m a lot more unafraid now to shoot and not worrying so much about making a mistake in composition, lighting adjustment, blurred images, etc, because a lot of those “mistakes” come out just as amazing as something that you purposely try to create. 


Articentric: Think of two people, one living, one passed (hero, mentor, etc.). Who are they, who are they to you, and how do/have they shaped you as an artist/creative?

Jordon: Deceased?  Ansel Adams.  I can remember always admiring his images (black & white) and literally looking at them for long periods of time…not really knowing what I was looking at but always feeling amazed by what I saw, and sometimes even thinking that I was in the place that was captured in the photograph.  That to me was a special talent to make people believe/feel like they were a part of the photograph themselves. One of my goals.

Living? Too many to name.  Anyone who keeps on striving to do what they love is a mentor to me.  I try to focus more on the positive things in life and look at the fact that everyday I’m allowed to wake up is another day to go and experience/see life.  


Articentric: What are you currently planning/working on creatively, and what is the theme/message behind it?

Jordon: Two projects:

1) Help Portrait Miami- “Help Portrait is a movement where photographers, hairstylists and makeup artists all around the world will find people in need, take their picture, print their picture and then deliver it—free of charge.” The Miami event is scheduled for Dec 13, 2014 so I’m working to coordinate the logistics to make this another great event in Miami and for some very deserving members of the Miami Rescue Mission.

2) I have been working on a personal project for the past 3 years called Man and Art.  I haven’t yet finished the catalog yet but I will definitely announce the exhibition once it is ready for viewing.



Articentric: What was the response to, and can you talk about, your recent exhibit/show/event?

Jordon: I was honored to be selected for the Miami Mixer: Art Meets Nature at Eleazar Delgado Studio this past summer and later again at Average Joe Art Sale at Yo Space Miami.  I had four pieces that exhibited that I was very proud of.  I have exhibited in the past for charitable fundraisers but it was interesting to have the opportunity to exhibit for profit this time.  Unfortunately my pieces did not sell, but I was grateful for the opportunity and to be among many other budding local artists, and these experiences did not stifle my desire to exhibit more. 


Articentric: You shoot fantastic images throughout the city of Miami?  How has creating in that environment influenced your style?

Jordon: Miami has evolved into a creative hub.  My influences come from the people I meet or interact with.  I think because there is a large community of networking and a large transient population, it helps make me more receptive to the different creative energy that’s all around us.  You never know when your muse will strike…just make sure your camera batteries are always charged. 


Articentric: What do you hope that the audience takes away from their time spent viewing your work?  What do you fear might be something the audience might not understand about your work?

Jordon: I hope people are able to view my work and be exposed to sights that they haven’t seen before.  I hope people are receptive to the different views that are presented and if some kind of ponderance is encouraged when they view my work, I hope that they appreciate the full experience.


Articentric: Where can people see your work currently? (Website, Gallery, Studio, etc)

Jordon: My work is most active on my instagram account, but you can view my works on my website and LIKE me on my facebook page