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Resolutions 2015


Happy-New-Year-From-ArticentricThe dawn of a new year brings unprecedented opportunity for growth and development, or conversely, debauchery and decay.  Which will you lean toward this year?  The creative mind is one typically fraught with what I like to call a professional antithesis.  While it is true we can be our biggest fans, and sometimes let our egos get the best of us, we are also our greatest critics.  We often support and lift up fellow artists with whom we find a connection, yet at the same time, let ourselves down by being too critical with our own work.

While we spend the better part of every year mired in creating our next masterpiece, we risk getting lost in the process and burning our creative candle out entirely.  Enter, the dawn of the New Year…a time filled with reflection on our path travelled, and infinite excitement for the road ahead.  We most certainly can reflect, and recommit ourselves at any time throughout the year, but there is something special about the beginning of every year; Something that fuels our passion for exploring new horizons, new techniques, and committing ourselves to the advancement of our collective humanity.

Articentric reached out to our fellow creative thinkers and doers, and learned some truly profound things that excited us even more for the year ahead. Here are some of the resolutions and wishes we received.  Cheers to a fantastically bountiful 2015…in every way!


Artist Derek Wilson

Miami, FL


For 2015 -I am looking for Happy Mediums; a better balance between all facets of my personal and artistic life.

Derek Wilson’s Website


Artist Christopher Aaron

San Diego, CA


My resolution is to spend more time on Marketing!  Expanding my audience locally and globally.  Shows in LA, SF, NY, CHI, MIA, and overseas. Networking is key! Painting is the easy part for an artist. It’s all the “business” aspects that can be difficult.

Christopher Aaron’s Website


Artist Tracy Boyd

Seattle, WASeattle-Artist-Tracy-Boyd

Happy New Year!!! My New Years Resolution is live somewhere warm where I can paint with flip flops on. Lots of love to all.

Tracy Boyd’s Website


iPhoneographer Jaime Ferreyros

Miami, FL

Miami-Artist-Jaime-Ferreyros-iphoneographer2014 was a difficult year in which I almost lost my life. My faith was put to test, yet my faith only grew stronger because God has given us the Holy Spirit, who fills our hearts with his love.  My resolution in 2015 will be to do everything with love; that makes you more like God because God is love.

Jaime Ferreyros on Facebook


Artist Yuzly Mathurin

Charleston, SC


Love is the healer of all things. Happy New Year.

Yuzly’s Website     Yuzly’s Facebook Page


Artist Dave Bloomfield / Starheadboy

Seattle, WA

Seattle Artist-Starheadboy

I want to be aware as much as I can of the present moment, 2015 is going to be amazing! I want to enjoy every single day of it. good times!

Starheadboy on Facebook


Artist Geno Jaramillo

Miami, FL

Geno Jaramillo of Genos Art Gallery in Doral-Miami

2015 will be the best year ever for everyone.

Geno on Facebook