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“See No Evil” by Sandra Boskamp

See No Evil by Sandra Boskamp on Amazon Fine Art
“See No Evil” – Sandra Boskamp
20 x 20 x 1.5 in.
Amazon Fine Art


In this piece by Milwaukee artist Sandra Boskamp, I am reminded of the proverbial principle “See No Evil”.  In an age fraught with the constant bombardment of images depicting war, domestic violence, and almost every type of human suffering imaginable, we are reminded of our need to decompress, and sometimes take the space we need to turn off the images.  This is not an apathetic endeavor, rather a self-sustaining way of clearing the sour taste of the worst of humanity from our collective conscience.

This mixed media piece has very sharp tones of black and white, allowing the viewer to place their own coloring to the piece in their imagination.  The female figure in the piece is not expressionless, as her lips are pursed in a way that conveys to me a sense that she’s had enough.  Her expression in my opinion is almost as if she’s hinting “Can you believe there’s more of this garbage they’re trying to get me to look at.”.    The realism in this piece is fantastic, and is important in creating that emotional connection with the subject.  This piece is one of MANY that the artist has available through Amazon Fine Art.  In our opinion, this is indeed a “must add” piece to your collection.

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