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Meet Starheadboy (Dave Bloomfield)

Seattle Artist-Starheadboy
Seattle Street Art-Artist-Starheadboy-Dave Bloomfield         Rewind to the spring of 2011.  Articentric was still in it’s conceptual stages, and I had been getting my feet wet exploring the multi-faceted Seattle Art “scene”.  I had happened upon this  “MISSING” poster stapled to a lightpole near the famed Seattle Space Needle.  Now, if you know anything about Seattle, there are dozens of Missing, or Found posters for lost pets, lost cell phones, keys, etc.  This poster was anything but those.  The illustration was of a Unicorn Burrito named Pablo…he had been missing and his owner was desperate to find him.  It was hilarious and I remember quite vividly laughing out loud at how awesome that was.  After that encounter, I kept noticing these posters in many different places.
         Fast Forward to December of 2012, when I first discovered the amazing talent behind Pablo, the Unicorn Burrito…..his name is Dave Bloomfield aka Starheadboy, and his art is incredible.  He’s somewhat of a celebrity on Social Media here, as well as almost any of the art walks.  He is a proud Seattlite, and guess what…he’s nowhere near finished.  He is developing more and more every day into a new genre of artistic awesomeness, the world of comic and storytelling.  I could go on and on, and being the publisher of Articentric, I just may in future issues, but for now….Keep your eye on Starheadboy, and collect his fantastic pieces every chance you get, they go FAST!!  Without further adieu…

Ladies and Gentlemen….

Meet Starheadboy (Dave Bloomfield).

So Dave, How did you get started as an artist?

As far back as I can remember, I have been making stuff. I’ve definitely been drawing and sketching my entire life, there was never a conscious choice… it was just something I was compelled to do. I was always scared of painting and didn’t get into that till much later on, once I did paint though, it changed my life.. I was immediately addicted. I found the freedom from painting and explored sculpture, photography, film making, and writing from there.

How does your creative environment (Studio/Home/etc.) influence your art/style?

I create stuff at my studio, home, cafes, bars, and frantically at red lights while driving around town. I always have at least a sketchbook on me to jot down small drawings and ideas. Ideas aren’t going to wait for the perfect moment, they are in the air and happen at any time. I’m making work at pretty much every waking moment and keep a notebook by my bed at night, the amount of ideas that come to me in the middle of the night is overwhelming. It’s crazy and I love it!

Seattle Artist-Starheadboy-Dave Bloomfield-Art Gallery

What materials do you work with?

For the last couple of years, my main materials have been acrylics and reclaimed wood panels. But since the beginning of this summer I carry around a big spiral notebook and an mixed media bristol paper sketchbook everywhere I go. The notebook gets attacked with writing and fleshing out plots, stories, comics.. some simple drawings, just putting out mind onto paper. The bristol paper sketchbook gets more refined ideas out with dip pen and india ink. I’ve been working out comics with pen, ink, and watercolor since the beginning of this summer. It’s super fun! The story lines and comics are becoming the main focus.

How has your style developed since you began creating?

Everything has gotten much more fluid, there is a flow that I get more and more comfortable with every day. It feels great! The more that I get myself out of the way and let what needs to come through, the better it feels.

What are you currently working on, and what is the theme/message behind it?

I’m super interested in storytelling right now. I’ve dabbled in comics, but recently I want to have my own whole universe of personality saturated characters and situations. I find material everywhere, life is the ultimate material. I’m writing a lot, letting the ideas flow through. I’m taking the stories from sketchbook to animation this winter, that’ll be the main focus as far as I know right now.

Tell us about your recent exhibit/show/event…

My last show was at the studio share that I belong to in Greenwood, the response was incredible! A lot of people come to me constantly and tell me how my work has touched them, I’m very lucky in that way. That feels to me to be every creative’s dream, to make exactly what you want and then as a bonus.. other people like it. The work is definitely it’s own reward, it feels so incredible to be here now and be able to make things.. everything else is a bonus.

How has the art scene in Seattle influenced your style?

Seattle is an incredible city, I love it here! There is art in different forms everywhere and multiple different art scenes here. I feel really lucky to be here, it feels like a dream sometimes. I’ve become much more open in my work living here, the city is amazing!

What do you hope that the audience takes away from their time spent viewing your art?  What do you fear might be something the audience might not understand about your work?

I couldn’t be more thankful for the response to my work. I’m very lucky to have an audience that likes what I do. I’d like to think that I have a lot of humanity and sincerity in what I do, but I’m not sure what’s going on with all of it. I do know that I love what I do, I have a great time with it. I don’t really have a fear of being misunderstood and I know my work isn’t for everyone. I was listening to a rad talk from Seth Godin, he summed up the idea of artist critique with “… well, this isn’t for you then”. Seattle has so much great art coming out of it right now, there is something for every taste.
Seattle Street Art-Artist-PhinneyWood

Where can people see your work currently? (Website, Gallery, Studio, etc)

 I’m creating stuff all the time, I have a sketchbook next to me when I sleep and it’s with me everywhere, all day. The ideas aren’t going to wait and for that I love social media and how easy it is to share work. I have new photos up every day on Instagram (instagram.com/starheadboy) and Facebook (facebook.com/starheadboy). I also have a studio share in the Greenwood Collective at Urban Light Studios, we have the studio open during the artwalk during the second Friday of each month or by appointment any time.
Main Artist Photo Credit: Invisible Hour
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