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The Artist’s Mic (First Listen) – Ani Difranco



In this edition of the artist’s mic, we are excited to present our first listen of Grammy Award Winning Artist Ani Difranco’s new CD Allergic To Water.

If there is such a thing as a “Greatest Styles” Album, this has got to be it. Ani Difranco’s latest release Allergic To Water is all new music with very familiar and very comforting tracks. Carefully curated rhythms and melodies prevail and combine harmoniously with new instrumentals from supportive genre’s like Electronic and Pop.

Absent here, are the angst ridden, and socially provocative tracks we know and love and made us want to stand up and fight the system. Instead, we find Ani in an undoubtedly comfortable and happy place in her life, honoring the fight, but honoring herself more.

Ani’s inner happiness prevails as the tracks become increasingly more whimsical, a term we found ourselves using QUITE a bit in this first listen. If you are familiar with Ani, you will love the gamut of musical styles she infuses from her catalog of previous hits.  If you are a first time listener, you will get the full 360 degree essence of Ani.

Ani’s poetry is still as thought provoking and socially embalming as ever. Her voice is as powerful as the Ani we fell in love with over 20 years ago. We will leave the artistic interpretation up to the listener, and reserve this review for the way she made us feel.

See our TRACK NOTES here. Get your copy of Allergic To Water TODAY!  A must have in every Ani Difranco collection.