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TRACK NOTES – Allergic To Water (Ani Difranco; 2014)



Track List:
1. Dithering
2. See See See See
3. Woe Be Gone
4. Careless Words
5. Allergic To Water
6. Harder Than It Needs To Be
7. Genie
8. Happy All The Time
9. Yeah Yr Right
10. Tr’W
11. Still My Heart
12. Rainy Parade
[one_half last]

Dithering – A nice warm up tune that puts you right in the “living room” of all that is Ani.
See See See See – Ani’s soothing voice comes across in a big way on this track.  Her feelings are palpable in this her most heartfelt track on ATW.  We like what we see, and most definitely what we hear.  and we’re certainly still in love with Ani.
Woe Be Gone – The Synth is powerful, the mastering puts Ani right in our ear, yet sets us adrift on her harmony.  One of those classic Ani tracks that you feel wrapped up in.  An unexplored hemisphere lying underneath…we get so off track sometimes….me and my addictions got a lot to lose…swiftly sifting sands beneath our feet.
Careless Words – Classic Ani track…very reminiscent of the creative whimsy of “little plastic castles”.
Allergic To Water – CHORDS CHORDS CHORDS….this is the title track for a reason.  If anyone asks who Ani is…don’t even bother digging out the old albums…just hit play on this track and let them enjoy.  If this is the first track you’ve ever heard of hers, consider yourself blessed by her artistic genius.  Quintessential Ani…what made us fall in love with her music is dripping from this track…REPEAT gold!
Harder Than It Needs To Be – The fact that this track follows “Allergic To Water” shows just how poetically this album is layed out.  The melody is absolutely infectious, and is our favorite to just chill out to on a cool autumn evening.  One of those great contemplative relaxing tracks that just gets you in the perfect frame of mind.
Genie – This track is one of the powerful tracks, reminiscent of GRAVEL, that Ani is so perfect at creating right in the middle of either a very acoustic track, or a very instrument heavy track.  The perfect blend of her melody, acoustics, and bass.
Happy All The Time – Wow!  A Song we couldn’t imagine hearing from Ani even 4 years ago…Ani’s blazing poetry is ignited to a soul firestorm on this track.  Engaging our emotions, our fears, and our joys…empowering our ability to choose our mindset, and view the world and our fears on a level and be happy. Cheers to Ani for this fantastic introspective.
Yeah Yr Right – “…Got my Joie De Vivre, and yeah you’re right”.
Tr’w – Ani Ani Ani….this is the lyrical equivalent to poetry that would make our inner vixen blush.  What a fun and sexy song…nothing bubbly about this…it’s simply W..O..W!
Still My Heart – Our Hearts Art Stilled…..
Rainy Parade – “Take your lemons and make your lemonade, life’s a rainy parade.” – Thats how this super fun and whimsical tune feels as it closes out one of our all time favorite Ani albums.