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‘UPSHOT’ by Tracy Boyd (Artifact Gallery; Seattle)


Upon entering Artifact Gallery in what is essentially the heart of Old-Town Seattle,[right there on 1st Ave, between Pioneer Square and Occidental Park], you are instantaneously transported into the imagination and wonder of Seattle artist Tracy Boyd.

Tracy Boyd’s solo show “Upshot” is on display at Artifact Gallery for the month of June 2015, and is nothing short of spectacular.  The pieces she has hung are a fantastic narrative of her creative genius.  From her majestic Equine figures boldly moving through their canvas, to her portraits that rival some of the most awe-inspiring abstract fine art we’ve ever seen.  Included in these works are some of her latest creations incorporating more swaths of color and even more abstract dimension to her backgrounds.

The artist…

Boyd is intense in her process.  When discussing her pieces with her, you can easily grasp the levels of intensity, paint, and the proverbial blood, sweat and tears that she puts into each and every piece.  Gallerist Josh Majchrzak puts it best as he takes us through a single piece of hers almost inch by inch, in a recent tour of the show for Articentric.  Josh points out that in the piece’s entirety, as all Boyd’s work [in the show], there’s no single section you can isolate that will have any uniformity to it.  As a collective the piece is vibrant and alive, but in it’s creation, it is pure energy, twisting and turning through strokes and textures of paint at almost every square inch.

The gallery…

Artifact gallery is one of the newer venues in Downtown Seattle, and in its relatively short time, has managed to hang some of the more brilliant, organic creative genius that this great city has to offer.  “Upshot”, by Tracy Boyd is no different.  Masterfully curated by gallerist Josh Majchrzak, this show stands out as if the gallery itself was built around Boyd’s stunning works.  The gallery is indeed a work of art in its own right, incorporating recycled materials, and salvaged goods to compliment almost every corner of this great space.  At first glance the massive bar that provides an easy spot to gather around and discuss the art that surrounds you, was once-upon-a-time a stage at a historic Seattle theater, and before that, it was the bow of a ship.  Gallerist Josh Majchrzak is a top-notch craftsman, pointing out the simplest of details and their intricate assembly using re-purposed salvaged parts.  While intense in nature, the materials that surround you are incredibly refined.  The space is one that you can touch and feel, not sterile, like so many museum-esque spaces in the art world today.  Majchrzak intends it to be just that, and the twinkle of pride in his eye when we make that observation, affirms it.

Last chance…

Mark your calendars for this Friday evening June 19, 2015.  The gallery is hosting an evening with the Artist to kick off the final week of the show.  Mingle with other visitors, make the acquaintance of one of the brightest stars on the horizon of the Seattle Art Scene…Gallerist Josh Majchrzak, and of course, hob-knob with the artist herself, the incomparable Ms. Tracy Boyd.

We hope to see everyone there, and please spread the word to your family and friends.


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