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Elevator Introspective: Artist Jenny Perez

Photo Credit: Philip Burrow

The hustle and bustle of Miami Art Week, known by most as Art Basel, is upon us.  With artists from all over the world descending on Miami, you can imagine how busy they are, getting prepared for what is, in many people’s opinion, the Super-Mega-Bowl of the art world.  

We here at articentric, appreciate each artist’s contribution and effort to the art scene, and we’re especially grateful to steal some precious moments from Miami artist Jenny Perez as she herself is preparing her show.  We imagined ourselves in an elevator, and wanting to know as much about her as we could, in a short amount of time, so we asked some brief, but in our opinion, poignant questions.  What transpired, was a bit of an in-depth look at this brilliant artist’s inspirations and what drives her obvious passion for creativity.  

While we will be following up this “Elevator Introspective” with a far more intense interview, we wanted you to get to know her brilliance sooner, and we’ll explore her passion more later.  We urge you to visit her website, her social media, and of course, if you’re in the area, her show(s).  

So let’s press the up button on this elevator of creativity and join Jenny Perez on her ride to the top.

Welcome to the first edition of Elevator Introspective, with Miami artist Jenny Perez.  Jenny, please complete the following sentences:


My art, to me, is: my connection to my higher self – the me that is most connected to my purpose. My art is my connection to this world.

I create because:  it’s the only thing i know.  

If I had to be without the sense of sight or touch, I’d choose: touch because: at least through the ability to see i can imagine how something must feel. Besides this, the idea of feeling itself comes from the inside.My most recent source of creative inspiration was: my trip to Barcelona. I spent about a month there doing absolutely nothing; it was great. Sometimes the act of just being, and really holding space for yourself, is incredibly inspiring.

The most important item in my creative space is: my speakers because: I do not like to paint without music. The paint and the jams go hand in hand.

If I could create anything, without any concern for cost or space, or any constraints, I would create: an interactive piece of art – placed in all areas of the city, and finally collecting them all and creating one giant cohesive piece. The message would be about reminding us all how connected we are. Without one piece i would not be able to do the other. It would be the official art of the city.

My cure for ‘creative block’ is: sometimes long breaks are necessary. I find that also, the less I am focused on how I am blocked and not really in the mood to create, the closer I am to actually feeling ready to pick up a brush again. Usually, my creative blocks are stemmed from stress, or expectation and/or just lack of exposure to new people, visuals, places.

To remedy it, i either write, meditate, visit a museum and/or, if I have the means, I take a trip. Most recently I discovered that a great conversation over a glass or two of wine is pretty incredible.


The one thing I wish everyone knew about me is: I am a very spiritual person. I think we all are, to a certain degree – depending on how much we are willing to accept and or deny. On my end, I have grown to really love my connection to source and to other worlds, dimensions, whatever; Just open. It’s such a big part of who I am and I think the more success I attain in my career, the more open I want to be about this too.

As I look ahead in my artistic evolution, I’m most excited about: how much my work will evolve . I also really enjoy how it has facilitated so much for me in terms of connections I have to people and to my travels. My work truly has exposed me to the world and I’m happy to allow it to continue to do so.

People can follow my work here: I have a website. I was the lucky girl who got www.jennyperez.com amongst all the Jenny Perez’s in the world. Hahaha – and of course, the gram @jennyperezart which really has such a cool personal touch to how I can share myself with everyone.

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