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Elevator Introspective: Artist Susan Nethercote


There is something about Abstract Art that on the surface, may seem easy. There is something that may cause people unfamiliar with the artform to say, “anyone can do that”, until you witness the brilliance of Australian artist Susan Nethercote.

Nethercote transforms canvas, paper, or whatever media she chooses, into a veritable wonderland of vivid imagination.  Shapes, drips, forms come alive with incredible layering and create an abstract soul within the piece.  Take her Abstract Aerialscapes for example, where you the viewer are immediately transported, as if on a swivel, up and over the painting even though it is hung on a wall, parallel to your awe-struck face.  That transformative experience is not found in everyday art.

Articentric is absolutely fascinated by Susan Nethercote and find ourselves drooling over her vibrant, energetic, intensely rich instagram feed almost daily.  We were thrilled that she agreed to be a part of our most recent Elevator Introspective series, and we’ve chosen her to be our first subject in 2018.  So without further adieu, let’s hop aboard this elevator with Susan and peek into her artistic mind.

My art, to me, is:

A portal to the magic of nature, color and form. I believe art is a powerful emotional and spiritual healer.

I create because: 

It is my access to pure joy and also brings pure joy to others.

If I had to be without the sense of sight or touch, I’d choose:

Touch; because without my eyes I could not make my work.  But without touch, over time, my hands could learn touch through sight.

My most recent source of creative inspiration was: 

Native Australian and South African flowers.  I love the strong, structural forms of these flowers so much and that have been a huge inspiration to my work this year. 


The most important item in my creative space is: 

Acrylic paint and paper because with both of these, I can create anywhere, any time.  Acrylic paint, in various viscosities, is totally my jam.

If I could create anything, without any concern for cost or space, or any constraints, I would create:

Pretty much what I am doing now. Over the past year I’ve done some pretty large commissions, so I would have said that painting that large would have been my ambition, but having done it, I kind of feel sated.  I’m looking forward to going small again. My other big dream is to create an Artist’s Retreat in France and that is happening too in September.  So I think I’m good with the ambitious projects just now J.


My cure for ‘creative block’ is:

Just to paint.  Creative Block is just another name for fear.  When feeling fear, I think it’s important to just keep moving, otherwise you just get mired in negative thoughts. When I feel blocked, I put some music on, or listen to an audio book as I work and this helps me to get past the negative voice in my head.  It usually does the trick.  I wholeheartedly believe that my job as an artist is to allow the flow of universal creativity to run through me, my only job really is to do whatever it takes to get my ego out of the way of that flow.  I almost always paint with essential oils diffusing as these really help me to move through whatever energetic or emotional block I am facing.

The one thing I wish everyone knew about me is:

I get really bad anxiety but I rarely let it stop me, though that can be really really hard.  I believe that moving through the edges of our fears is a big part of what we have been put on this planet to do.  Making art with that understanding is a very powerful combination. And living your life with that understanding means that you can make your dreams come true.

As I look ahead in my artistic evolution, I’m most excited about:

Refining my artistic voice and continuing the journey toward the most authentic artistic expressions that seek to emerge from me. 

We thank Susan for her openness and candid responses. We invite you to follow her brilliance online, and if you’re so favored, at one or many, of her exhibitions.  Thank you Susan

Website: susannethercote.com 

People can follow my work here:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/susan.nethercote/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/susannethercoteart/