Elliott-Muscat-Abstract-Art-Artist-TorontoToronto-based artist Elliott Muscat is a true rising star on the international art scene.  Muscat’s work with his acrylics and palette knife conjures images from the true essence of the artist.  While some artists toil over replicating images of other great artists, or of iconic photographs they’ve seen, Muscat gets to work in his studio, in complete silence, and lets the magic happen.  Driven by a passion to create, realized at the earliest of stages in his life, preschool, Muscat stops short of saying that he was born to create art.  After following this artist religiously on his instagram account, we could easily say that on his behalf.  We’d also like you to hear it from his perspective.  We sat down for a quick Q&A with the artist himself….without further adieu…ladies and gentlemen, the next rising star out of Toronto, Ontario Canada…Mr. Elliott Muscat.


On realizing his talent and getting started in the art world:

“I was different as a child. When all the other kids at daycare were forced to take naps, I was the only one that refused to sleep because I wanted to draw. My sketchbook and I were inseparable pretty much since birth. But it’s no coincidence; I owe all my inspiration to my mom. She’s a talented artist that raised me on her own. She taught me to express myself and gave me the freedom to be who ever I want to be. Before university I was torn between following my passion in creativity and taking the safe route by pursuing a degree in kinesiology. Easily persuaded by my father I took the latter. It wasn’t until two months into the program that I realized all my class notes consisted of drawings of my teachers and classmates rather than subject notes. A little flag went in that moment and I realized it was time to live the life I was meant for. Shortly after I got accepted into Ocadu. This year I had my first piece shown in the Hittite Gallery located in Yorkville. I couldn’t be happier and I look forward to many more to come.”


Elliott-Muscat-Abstract-Art-TitleUnknown3aOn his process and his perception of the creative potential:

“My painting process is simple really – I just start. I paint in complete silence and I only work with acrylic paint. I’m a very energetic person so I only have the patience to work with pallet knives and acrylic paint. I never know what I’m going to end up, with which is my favorite part.

Everyone has the ability to paint. It comes from within. Once you can figure out how to get out of your head and trust your abilities, you’ll surprise yourself. I look at painting like a journey, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel you just have to find it.”


On his current work and future plans:

“My first and only show right now is at the Gallery Hittite located in Yorkville. One of my pieces is being displayed in the window. There’s no better feeling than having your work appreciated by others and knowing you’re adding positive value to someone’s life by expressing something that’s purely genuine and comes from within. Currently working on a collection of abstract figures with complex colors and movement. I aim to have this collection finished and displayed sometime this summer. Stay tuned!”