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Meet Gallerist Geno Jaramillo

Geno Jaramillo of Genos Art Gallery in Doral-Miami

Early in 2014, I was introduced to Geno Jaramillo, of Geno’s Art Gallery in the Doral Art District (Doral, FL), by a dear mutual acquaintance of ours.  I immediately became compelled by Geno’s immense spirit.  He is one of those rare individuals that you can meet and immediately feel as though you’ve been great friends for years. His gallery space is exactly as his artistry is, unique and brilliant, two adjectives that I indeed believe are mutually exclusive.  Perfectly minimalist in design, the gallery space is clean and inviting.  Crisp white walls are anchored boldly on smooth grey floors, allowing your senses to relax and focus on the fantastic artwork within.  Throughout the gallery are pieces of furniture that not only provide that comfortable area to sit and marvel, but also guide guests of the gallery in a nice flow without getting stuck in a corner or crowded among other guests.  Gallery events are always complimented by local acts & establishments providing food, drink, music, etc.  (In full editorial disclosure, I have had the distinct honor of being invited to exhibit my art in his gallery, and to this day, continue to be represented by the gallery, as well as other galleries.  This exhibit was one of the major contributing factors for wanting to introduce this gallery and gallerist to you.)  So, without further adieu, Ladies and Gentlemen…

Meet Geno Jaramillo 

Hello Geno, first of all congratulations on the opening of your gallery and on such fantastic initial success.  You have been dubbed the “Founding Father of the Doral Art District”.  What does that mean to you?

Thank you for the congratulations and for the dubbing, I’m truly humbled by it all.  It means that it is only the beginning.  It was one of my three primary thrusts; to have a studio for my work, to assist emerging and mid-career artists by allowing them to exhibit, and to be the Founding Father of the Doral Art District (DAD).  We now have two galleries and my goal is to fill up all the bays with studios and galleries then move on to other buildings.

What prompted you to open an art gallery in an area so many people might not expect there to be an art gallery? Why not aim for the more ‘artist friendly’ metropolitan areas of Miami-Dade? Why Doral?

I had this area on my radar for a while.  First it is one block north of Doral City Hall and one more block north of the new Downtown Doral Main Street.  The bonus is that it is within walking distance of this new high density Downtown Doral and the rent is cheap.  I purposely stayed away from the ‘other metropolitan’ areas as they are oversaturated, expensive and snooty.  I chose Doral because as a resident for the past 16 years I felt that there was and is a huge art void.  I wanted to fill it and to provide a place where entire families could enjoy artwork, hear some music and eat some food.

“I wanted to fill it and to provide a place where entire families could enjoy artwork, hear some music and eat some food.”

Do you represent any specific artists through your art gallery?

Yes.  Julian Andres Acosta Pacheco, Alejandro Valencia, Marcella Collazos, Nicole Cure, Scott DubhGhaill, Diana Pantoja, Krizia Guerra Goleman, Alfredo Perez, Cristal van Zunderd, Arnoldo Jordi to name just a few.  I like to give all comers a chance and it’s all about relationships.  I met most of these folks at other places that I exhibited and they brought me their artist friends.  I also connected with some through Facebook.  All of it has been word of mouth and a handshake, no contracts or lawyers.

What will set your art gallery in Doral apart from the next art galleries in Doral, other than yours being the first gallery in the Doral Art District?

I feel that I am the anchor with my Found Object Art.  No other gallery will have this.  Plus, I want to give as many artists as I can the opportunity to exhibit their work.  I have an artist as young as 12 and two older than 70.  Plus, my philosophy of making art affordable to the common man.  I have original work that starts as low as $10, $20 & $30.

“…it is a feeling, a vibe.  It’s place full of good energy and karma.”

Can you give those of us who have yet to visit your art gallery an idea of what we can expect to experience within the walls of your art gallery?

It’s not only what is on the walls, it is a feeling, a vibe.  It’s place full of good energy and karma.  A place where you come to not only enjoy the art but the ambiance, the live music, the karaoke, the spirits, Frankie’s Pizza, and Los Chamos empanadas.  It’s a place where you can hang out for a while like it was your friend’s house and you are in his/her living room.

Apart from the business side of the art gallery, let’s talk influences….You’re obviously a skilled artist; What made you decide to incorporate other artists into your gallery?  Why not make it all your own?

Thank you for calling me a skilled artist.  It means a lot.  When I leased this space, my first goal was to have a studio.  I wanted a place where I could consolidate all my found objects.  I have to see all my objects in order to create.  The second goal, after leasing 1,200 square feet with bare white walls and grey concrete floors, was to fill it with art from other artists.  I’ve always had an inkling for art and admire artists.  I also loved to see the beauty in the world.  I often found myself stopping to look at a flower or a tree or a sunset.  I want to gather these beautiful things in my gallery and have others come to partake in it.

“…to see the beauty in the world…to gather these beautiful things…and have others come to partake in it.”

What type of artists do you find yourself eager to work with?  Is there a specific medium that you are attracted to, or a work ethic you look for when deciding to exhibit a particular artist over another?

I’m eager to work with artists that are passionate about what they do.  I want to find artists that want to create no matter what their ‘day job’ may be.  Artists that are diverse.  I don’t have a specific medium that attracts me other than Found Object Art.  I like them all.  I want to see the beauty.  I give almost everyone at least one shot.  I’ve given people an opportunity to be part of an exhibition and they come up with excuses.  I move on to the next one.

“…look for quality. Your eye doesn’t lie…It will speak to you and you will feel it.”

The target audience of articentric includes not only artists, gallerists, and designers, but also both emerging and established art collectors.  What is your advice for our readers who want to collect quality works of art from local emerging artists, but may not be absolutely certain what they like yet?

My first advice is to get out there and support the arts by going to the Exhibitions, Museums, Art Shows, etc. so that they can experience all the different styles, artists, colors, shapes, and mediums.  Next, look for quality.  Your eye doesn’t lie.  Did they use quality materials, is it professionally mounted and or framed, does it look like it will last, and go with your gut instinct on what you like and or love.  It will speak to you and you will feel it.


Hypothetically speaking…

Your gallery is offered a premiere venue space during a major art festival in the heart of New York City.  You have the autonomy to select one living artist to represent your gallery.  Who is the first person you ask, and why?

(this is a utopic scenario, and there is no right or wrong answer, it is not meant to single anyone out, but rather identify the scope and impact of the gallery)  

It would have to be Cindy Wynn.  A kind of Steampunk (she was doing it before they called it that) Found Object Artist that makes furniture and lamps out of scrap metal and industrial tools.  It’s hard enough to make furniture out of wood that is sleek and balanced; she does it with welded, heavy metal.  We have a special connection as I have rescued materials for her to use in her work and she admires my work too.  Rescuing manmade, metal objects from ever reaching a dumpster and eventually a landfill is a noble goal and the essence of Found Object Art.

A writer from a world renowned art publication walks into your gallery, what is the first thing you tell them about the gallery, and why is that highlight most important to you?

I would tell him/her that it was the first gallery in the DAD.  That it is not about the gallery but about filling the art void in Doral and giving emerging artists a shot.

Who are some of your favorite emerging artists that you might encourage others to seek out?

I love Nicolle Cure.  Her expression, her use of color and now mixed media.  Her calling is to be an artist and she will pursue that all her life.  She will be prolific. 

I love Alejandro Valencia too.  His range is incredible.  His simple line drawings just exude form and shape and the feeling of whatever he is trying to portray.  He can do it all, from acrylic and oil on canvas or wood, sculpture, photography, even gold leaf.

If you could write the perfect story of the gallery’s success, what would the gallery “look like” in 2020? Location? Size? Scope?

I really don’t want a huge gallery with lots of employees.  I would rather see many more galleries in the D.A.D.  I live in Doral and don’t wish to commute to Wynwood or Downtown or Brickell.  I would stay in Doral.  I do love working with other artists but people are people and sometimes they can get complicated so I might just have my space for me to create, create, create…..

How can our readers learn more about Geno’s Art Gallery?  Website, Facebook, Location?

The first thing they should do is visit the physical space at 5625 NW 84 Avenue | Doral, FL 33166.  

The Gallery’s facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/genos.art.studio

Thank you for your time Geno.  I encourage everyone to visit your gallery very soon,  whether for the first time, or the fifteenth time.  Photographs online are fantastic, but until you’ve taken in the gallery, truly breathed in the creativity contained within the gallery walls, you haven’t experienced it entirely.  This is a fantastic new gallery space in the ideal location for emerging contemporary art in the greater Miami area.

Geno’s Art Gallery & Studio | 5625 NW 84th Ave. | Doral, FL. 33166