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The Dawn of the Next Chapter


WELCOME!  Articentric has been thriving behind the scenes in the art community now for nearly a year. Articentric has been involved with shows during Art Basel 2013 in Miami, as well as more local events throughout the year.

Launched by an artist, as a way to help other artists promote themselves, their events, their work, etc., the website has enjoyed fantastic success. Alas, it is time to go further.

IN ADDITION TO our promotional products, Articentric will be growing to include artist profiles, both on a local and international scale. Articentric will always remain committed to supported to the growth and development of the artist, and the art community.

Things to look for in the coming months:

  • Interviews of Artists, Gallerists, Directors, Producers, etc.

  • Promotional product design & development for everyone in the Arts community.

  • Blog posts on current events in the arts community, both on a local and international level.

  • Gallery of featured artists including links to their websites & social media presence.

  • And MUCH MUCH MORE currently in the works….

So get comfortable, say hi…but most importantly…STAY TUNED!!!