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WisdomFrom: Lawrence Weiner


“Art is one of those things that has no essential definition, it has a history…it has no qualifications necessary.  It has no need for a reference point to anything else. Art is one of those things that appears in the world because somebody decides they’re going to pose the question, and that makes it art…”

– Lawrence Weiner (from the Louisiana Channel video; “the means to answer questions“)

Articentric’s take:  This is a fantastic testimonial from one of the great “mind openers” of our time.  Lawrence Weiner is about the observer and their observation.  He is a purist in the sense that he allows the art to manifest itself not in his explanation of it, but rather in the observer’s perception.  Articentric values this artist’s contribution to the art world, and you will be likely to find more of his wisdom throughout the website.  This video was published on the Louisiana Channel’s Youtube feed.  Thank you to them for sharing this magnificent introspective of this exceptional artist.